Friday, June 25, 2010

Max Outside

Showing me his owie (he tipped over on his trike):

He likes to break sticks, and try to put them back together.
When that doesn't work, he wants ME to put them back together.

then he gets really mad!

Happy Birthday to Damon!

We took Damon out for lunch at work and surprised him with this giant balloon which we made him keep there, and carry home! :-)

The boys got a kick out of wearing their visitor badges at CIVCO. Max carried the balloon which kept getting tangled up with his badge. But he insisted on doing it all himself and wouldn't let me help him. at all.

Here's a really bad picture from my phone:We ended the night with Will's baseball game and a little dinner and cake celebration at Godfather's with all the grandparents and the McC's.

Love you Damon! thanks for being the bestest, bravest, sweetest, funnest, sexiest daddy and husband ever!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Highlights from the Blogging Silence

Wow! It's been a long time since I've updated here. I don't know where to even begin! Since I last posted, we've had a long visit from Aunt Emily, some extended family birthdays, a piano recital, end of the year school craziness, 3 art shows, VBS, baseball and t-ball, Things With Wings got 'hounded' by the press (HA!) and now we're on to summer vacation and swim lessons and the long awaited end of the baseball season!
In my effort to summarize, (something you KNOW I don't do well - it's much more interesting and dramatic to drag things out) I'll attempt to post only one picture that summarizes each of the above events. "Can't be done" you say? Oh, I'll do it, alright....just watch me.... I never back down from a challenge.

Unless it involves like dancing or something like that.

Here's the picture that summarizes Emily's visit:

There were several birthdays.

Noah's says it all. No further explanation necessary:

Then there were my sisses'. I don't know what they were doing here. Perhaps they were discussing their synchronized strategy for blowing out a large, random number of candles:

Shelly, Lily and Jared had birthdays as well during this time. But I don't have pictures of any of those. So imagine a pretty princess, a firefighter, and a beautiful woman who will always be young at heart - and I'll let you all figure out who is who. :-)

Will's first year of piano ended with a recital where he performed "Zippity-Doo-Dah" and "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." He did a GREAT job and we were very proud!

Here's a picture to summarize the end of the school year craziness: An all school picnic that involved snow cones, bubbles, music and a huge "parents vs kids" kickball game. Yes, all these kids are on the same team! Will and Sam (over on the right in yellow shirts) in the outfield:

Art shows a-plenty, in Stillwater, MN, downtown Iowa City Arts Fest, and Snake Alley in Burlington, IA:

VBS passed by like a whirlwind without a single picture being taken by me! GASP! And even though the camera was in my bag, we were so busy all week working on the Craft Team that there really wasn't time! So, gosh! I guess you'll have to use your imagination there too! Imagine hot glue guns, LOADS of cutting, and weapons, I mean walking sticks, that mothers I'm sure were not happy their kids got sent home with.

This next picture summarizes our general feelings about attending so many baseball and t-ball games:
Just kidding! Grandma and Grandpa were always happy to be there and so was Max. Me and whatever other boy wasn't playing were the ones that got a bit grumpy at times. Grandpa was just making silly faces for all of the MANY pictures that I let Sam take in order to keep him from getting bored.

I still don't know why or how, but hey, I'm not complaining....Things With Wings had some opportunities to share what we do with some local publications! You can read more about all that here:

Hoopla Jill (p. 14)
Hoopla Connie and Laura (p. 17)
Press Citizen Go Section 6-24-10

Well that about brings you all up to speed! I promise it won't be so long before I update again. That was a little ridiculous!

(I think I did pretty well controlling myself with the picture posting, don't you?)