Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Day of Vacation - Seaworld!

We got up early to leave for San Antonio for our last full day in Texas. We picked up Emily on the way and headed for Sea World! It was so hot, but we all survived! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:This is the Shamu theater:

Sam INSISTED we were going to sit within the first 20 rows....THE SPLASH ZONE:

This is how Emily felt about sitting in the splash zone:

Highlights of the shamu show:

There were 3 of these big guys:

Here we are, AFTER getting splashed. We weren't just damp, moist, or even wet. We were SOAKED down to the bone! Max didn't like it, he cried. Will hid, and Sam loved it! Basically three killer whales scooped up water with their tails and drenched us over and over and OVER again. It was a pure shock, even though we knew it was coming, because the water was 52 degrees and we'd been out in the 100 degree heat. I literally felt like my whole body shut down for a few seconds! I remember once I finally got a breath I took this huge loud gasping breath of air, like I was on the verge of drowning! It was something else, I tell ya!

This theater had a show with dolphins, divers, synchronized swimmers and trapeze artists.

There were misters above us in different places throughout the park, but they did little in the way of relief:

Mr. Independent:

The Cannery Row show - featuring sea lions, otters, and a walrus. Out of all the shows we saw, the boys liked this one best. It was pretty cute:

Having a snack:

Another favorite was the Shamu family roller coaster ride:

Up close with the dolphins:
jelly fish:


The waterpark area:

The entrance/exit:
Ice cream is always a good way to end the day:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Max Hasn't Been Sleeping Well at Night:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday of our Vacation

We spent the afternoon at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. There was a short movie called The Star of Destiny with moving sets, sound and lighting effects, and other surprising things like wind, smoke and shaking seats. I admit that I might have screamed out loud when a rattle snake pounced in the movie and the seat under my legs jabbed me in the back of the thighs.
Here we are waiting for the show to start. There always has to be one person who ruins a perfectly nice picture (taken by a 5 year old.)

Sweet Madison

I swear we had this calculator when I was a kid. Go Texas Instruments!

Vintage postcards caught my eye:

In the lobby there's a really cool floor depicting different scenes from Texas history. Guess the museum wore Shelly out....actually I think she was trying to entertain the kids while we waited for Damon. Above us was a very cool ceiling - open 3 stories.

Max was tired out. He was lucky enough to score a ride from his cousin Dillon. He just rested his chin right on the top of Dillon's head! So sweet!

There is a big star statue outside.
hmm....that star sure does look awfully familiar. It's like I've seen it somewhere's like I know that star, and it knows's like me and that star have some kind of intimate history or something....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 4

We started out the day with a ride to our nephew Jared's work - at a toy store. Here's an "I can't believe we all fit in here" picture:The entrance has a special door for kids:
Testing the merchandise. I hope that we didn't get Jared in trouble.

In the afternoon we had a family get together with all of Damon's Texas family. Here he is with his cousin Stephanie. She has 3 boys close to the same age as the Cole kids and then a little 6 year old girl! Hopefully we'll get to see them all next time!

Damon's aunt Jeannetta and her son Tim, along with Stephanie:

Damon's cousins Tim and Margeaux (their mom is Jeannetta) with their dad, Kurt. Max woke up from his nap and sat on Margeaux's lap for a long time, but refused to look at her. He did however, peek at her out of the corner of his eye a few times, to see if she was still behind him.The Coles graciously opened their invitation to include Emily and some of her friends, who joined us for the cookout:
Here are all the cousins that were there. Jennelle (sitting) and Stephanie on the left are sisters. Their mom is Damon's dad's sister. Their dad is Damon's mom's brother. Siblings married siblings. So they've got double cousins! Got it?! Shelly and Damon are in the middle, Tim and Margeaux are the siblings on the right. Their mom Jeannetta is Damon's mom's sister. Whew!
There's always gotta be a goofy picture:

more awww....
That night we all headed down the block to the Cole's neighborhood pool. it was so hot outside that the water was well...not all that refreshing. it was like swimming in bath water. but it was better than being dry! I've heard of heated pools, but maybe Texas should look into some cooled pools!

We had such a good time getting caught up with family we hadn't seen in way too long! It was a great day!