Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pancake Breakfast

Will's troop had a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday. He and Damon spent the morning serving food, cleaning up after the diners, and pitching in any way they could. It was so much fun to watch him. He got me my drink and took my tray when I was done! We had a big talk ahead of time about how when you're wearing your uniform, you're representing boy scouts everywhere. It's super important to do your best and give scouts a good name. He made me proud!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

See this boy?
This is the face of a boy who loves his dog.He's possibly the only person in this house that shows this dog THIS much attention:

He's not afraid to get right in there and show her a little love. And Lucy? She tolerates the whole thing:
In fact, she kind of actually likes it:

Doggie love. There's nothing like it.

Movie Night

Movie nights are a pretty regular occurrence in our house. Everyone gets their pajamas on early and we have a great time. Stuff like this always seems to happen:Yikes, I'm not sure if those pajamas will ever be the same again. And there's usually some snuggling going on:

Name That Tune

Can you name that sweet little tune?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Unexpected Dessert

We went to Texas Roadhouse tonight. The boys were just horrible in the car on the way there. After a big lecture, they were actually really well behaved in the restaurant. Our waitress told us that the girl at the table next to us was celebrating her birthday, but didn't want her dessert, and would our boys want it instead. OF COURSE! (and I politely refrained from saying, 'What about me?!' and figured correctly that I could always sneak some bites for myself.) When I explained to the boys what was going to happen they seemed a bit confused, and totally amazed that a complete stranger would give up their birthday dessert. I told them that maybe they saw that they were being such good boys. Sam said, "she's showing us God's love!" And really, what says God loves you more that unexpected and undeserved free dessert?! When they brought us the ice cream sundae, we all turned around and wished the girl a happy birthday and told her thanks. The boys went on and on about how this was the best night. When we left we made sure each boy said thanks again, and wished her happy birthday. It was a great night!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Much is Too Much?

Tonight Will had 3 pages of homework - 2 math and one cursive handwriting, that was 2 sided! That's alot for him. Usually he only has 1 or sometimes 2 to do. At the bottom of his handwriting page he was supposed to practice his cursive letters, making whatever words he wanted. He wrote, "Will you stop giving us so much homeworck?" yes with a 'ck' in homework. He even had to hand draw an extra row of lines to make sure he got this message across - and he NEVER does more "homeworck" than he has to.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Last Batch of Pictures

that's Damon and Max up there on the top!:
look! Max's hair is wet - proof he did get in the water a little bit:

getting tired:

perking up:

Max was obsessed with the cooler. Couldn't keep him out of it. Don't worry - I did not let him close himself inside.

Yikes. As I'm rewatching that cooler video, I'm more than a little disturbed. It's making me all anxious that he's going to close himself in there, even though I know he never did. Don't think I'm a horrible mom. Sorry if this gives any of you an anxiety attack.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The End of Day 1

Oh, what's that?!? You thought you were done looking at Wilderness pictures? Oh, nooo, this is just the first day! Bear with me. Be thankful I didn't take my good camera, or you'd be looking at even more pictures. (And don't worry I don't think I took any pictures on the last day. That means there'll probably be only one more post of our little vacay.)

Here's the dry play area at the Wilderness. Lots of noise, lots to climb on, lots of balls to shoot, lots of kids, lots of fun.

This gigantic head bobs up and down a bit when you're inside it. Damon took Max climbing up there, but stayed behind when it was time to get in the head! Sam had no desire to go in there - too scary.

Gathering balls from the ground floor, to carry up 3 flights to the shooters:

It's hard to carry all those balls- maybe Max could use a bag too:
Max particularly like the ball sucker upper - it earned a round of applause.

A special area just for toddlers:

Taking a breather:Bedtime: yes, it's really 10:18, and they're still awake:
...but not for long.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Will's Creation Poster

Day and Night:Separated Sky and Water:
Made Dry Land, Trees, Grass:
Sun, Moon and Stars:
Whales, Creatures in the Sea, Creatures in the Air:

Man and Animals:
Can't you just picture God kickin' back in his hammock?!

Wilderness Waterpark

Here's the newest area at the Wilderness Resort. They took out the 'mountains' in the middle of the lazy river and added this new structure. It's pretty similar to another area of the waterparks, but the kids didn't seem to mind. There was lots for them to do, and some baby stuff for Max. Surrounding this area was a lazy river. The only way to get to the middle was to go over bridges that went over the river.

Max didn't really care for swinging:

He was the most adventurous on the first day, before he got overly tired. After he had this little bit of fun on this slide, he didn't really venture into the water too much again the rest of the trip. Instead, he liked to walk around on the sidewalks, looking for a way out, and looking backward every once in awhile to see if we were following.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Pics of our Stay

There was a 'fireplace' below the tv. After the kids went to bed, we turned it on and sat on the couch, in the dark. So romantic...the smell of chlorine...me on my laptop, Damon....snoring.

Extra foldout bed:
kitchen-the cupboards were stocked with pots, pans, cups, plates, bowls, silverware -all the basics. There was even kitchen towels, dish soap, and dishwasher detergent:
the boys enjoyed eating at the bar on the bar stools.
view outside our windows:
on the deck:

the boys' room:
Sam got to sleep up top the first night, Will the second. Max slept in a pack n' play in our room.