Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Have a Cheesy Monkey of my Own

You wanna talk about who's a cheesy monkey?! How's this for cheesy monkey?!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Baby News!

Well, we have some baby news! I went for my ultrasound on Friday, and we think we are having a boy! And it's perfect and healthy! Praise God! We all, even the boys, went through a bit of sadness thinking of the girl we'll never have in our family, but we're over it! God knows we do boys best! We got some awesome pictures. The first is a view of the baby's face - straight on. The forehead is on the left, chin on the right, and you can see two fist up by his face.

This is a profile of the baby's face - he's looking up and has a hand up there too.

We think this picture is funny: it's just of the baby's lips. I guess he had his mouth open, which is the dark circle you see. The rest of the baby's face is back in shadow.

Lower leg bones

Bottoms of precious feet!

Lower arm bones and handAlien child, done with the 4d imaging. This is the baby's face, looking straight on. His hand was up across his face, and the ultrasounder wasn't getting a very clear picture. The placenta is off to the right.

The most exciting bit of news we had was that my due date is now Sept 6, instead of Oct 6! Yeah, crazy. Back in early pregnancy, we had several ultrasounds done, and from that I had somehow gotten it in my brain that I was 15 weeks along. After an appointment they said, "Oh, no you're only 11 weeks." I was very disappointed because I'd been so sick, and was hoping I was further out from my first tri. At the time I remember thinking boy, how did I get so off? Come to find out, I don't think I made that up after all. I think someone must have told me the real weeks, and I latched on to that info, but my charts didn't get changed. So they were going by the old info all this time. So, now HOPEFULLY we're back on track. I'm 25 weeks. 6 months! I'm due beginning of Sept, which could really be August, if I get induced a week early like I did with Sam! I could have a new baby in my arms by late August, which doesn't seem nearly as far away as Oct! (Right when school has started!) Should I start panicking?! I suddenly get to be pregnant for one whole less month! Woo hoo!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Post for Gretchen's Benefit

Once again, I've been heckled for what I post and don't post on my blog! So this blog is to humor my cousin Gretchen - a big fan of American Idol.

I must admit I haven't been a regular watcher of Americal Idol. I started out watching the beginning episodes - you know the ones where they show you all the wanna be's who are way out there. Then I saw some of the middle episodes, but recently I haven't seen it. All I knew was that I liked Melinda Doolittle because she seemed so genuine. She took songs that we'd all heard of and made them totally her own. I loved her voice. I guess she made it to the final 3, and was then voted off. I tried to watch the season finale last night, but missed the very ending where they announced the winner! (I was putting kids to bed.) Evidently Jordan won. I didn't have a big opinion about either her or Blake, because I didn't think either of them were that great. I did however get to hear Blake's famous beat box thing he does, and I must admit that although that rap stuff he does (I sound so old!) is not my thing, he does have an unusual and amazing talent. However, I think you can be talented at doing that, and still not be a super amazing singer. I didn't hear him actually sing enough to really know. Like all of these competition shows, it sometimes comes down to your popularity with the public, not necessarily on strictly who's the most talented. (Case in point: Emmit Smith beating out the superior dancer Mario Lopez in last season's Dancing with the Stars. Why does everthing always come back to DwtS??!!)

I thought it was fun to see all the AI contestants singing with other guest star singers. I could have done without the "tribute" to Sanjaya - who cannot sing worth a darn, and should have gone home long before he did. I think they only featured him to make fun of him, don't you all?! And of course I just knew that poor little girl would be in the audience - the one who cried everytime he sang. The poor thing needs to find someone else to Idolize! (I must admit I had a sudden flashback to my days of obsessing over Joey McIntire from New Kids on the Block.) You will all be proud to know that I've matured enough that when I watched Joey on the first season of Dancing with Stars I shed not a single tear. See? It all comes back to DwtS!

As for the trophies they handed out to all the odd ducks from the try outs who didn't make the cut - I thought that was just cruel. I felt sorry for them! It was like they were being made fun of, but did they even know it?!

Overall, my assessment of the AI finale is that here again is another example of dragging out the season finale waaaaaay too long, when all anyone really wants to know is "who won??!!" That's tv for ya - dramatic and addictive.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Season Finale

Apolo won! I admit I am disappointed, but not surprised. I was really pulling for Joey all along just because he always made me laugh. I realize Apolo was the better dancer, he could move his feet much faster than anyone else, plus he had all his atheletic skills working for him. I was always impressed with Apolo, (although I did agree with some of Len Goodman's comments about there being too much hanky panky and not enough dancing in some of their routines - the thing with the chair was too much) I just liked Joey's personality and how much fun he had, OK??!! It was fun to see all the contestants up there one more time, but I really could have done without all of the drama of dragging out the finale for two hours. Just tell me who won already! Will had just gotten into bed when I realized that Joey was going to perform his Star Wars dance again. So I ran to his room, flung open the door and told him, "Will! Come quick!" He was all confused but happy to be up out of bed again. Damon was like, what in the world is going on?! When I explained I wanted Will to see the Star Wars dance, even Damon sat down and watched it with us, although he kept shaking his head and saying "You've got to be kidding me!" Five minutes later Will was back in bed, and he thought it was all great fun - to be able to get out of bed, even if it was just to humor his crazy old mother. Damon just rolled his eyes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

I just picked Will up from school and as has been my habit lately, I was too lazy to walk up the big hill to the school to get him. So we drove to the end of our block, turned and went up the hill two blocks and waited in the car for him to come out. On the way back down the hill, I saw something oddly familiar in the middle of the street, a good block from our house. It was a cordless phone - that looked just like ours. I almost ran over it! I was still confused for a split second before I remembered that I had put our phone on the back bumper of our van, after hanging up with Emily. I was sitting outside, talking to her while Sam played outside. I was sure it had broken, but it appears to be working just fine! Lucked out on that one!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother's Day video

During the mother's day services at our church, they played this video that had me crackin' up! What gets me the most is when he comes back from "talking" to his brother, and his hair is all messed up. I laugh out loud every time I see this video. Just wanted to share it with all of you, so you could get a laugh too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Card for Dad

Will came home with a card for Dad because he's such a nice Daddy. First there's a picture of Dad with his favorite thing - oranges. (Although it's really more the flavor than the actual fruit!) Notice that Will has drawn a pyramid of oranges with the top one missing - because Dad is holding the top one. The other picture is of our family. We are all wearing our favorite colors. Everyone has the correct color eyes. Sam and the baby are holding hands, and everyone has their hands in the air because they are happy. Notice the baby's crib has a mobile. Very cute!

Art with a "Message"

I'm making these little boxes to sell at the Iowa Arts Festival - June 2-3. They have a word or saying on the top of them- all inspiring stuff. Sam is fascinated with their littleness, and likes to take the lids on and off. He'd show them to me and say, "What does this one say?" So I'd tell him. Then he brings me one and says, "What does this one say? Does it say, 'give up?'" Well that's what I feel like doing - at least when it comes to being an artist. I've had 6 months to get ready for this - the biggest show we do of the year. And what do I have to show for it? A handful of tiny boxes, some rocks, and a few framed pieces that have been sittting here half finished for months. Pitiful. I still have no creative energy - and don't see any coming my way for the next oh, say, year or two.

I've got plenty of older things to sell - our racks will not be empty - just nothing much new. Oh well. What I've got is what I've got! I'm not going to freak out or stress out, or do any of those other things I've been known to do in the past. I'm just going to enjoy myself. Yeah.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Wetting and combing Sam's hair this morning I found this guy attached to Sam's head. We were on our way out the door to go to Sam's 6 month post op visit with the ENT doctor, and I didn't know if we even had any matches, so I got the tweezers and pulled him out. I was expecting there to be a larger barb thing where the tick attached itself, so I wondered if I'd gotten it all out, or if some of it was still in Sam's head. I stuck the tick, still alive, in a baggie and brought him along, just to see if the doctor knew. Plus I wasn't sure what kind of tick this was, and whether to be concerned about Lyme disease. I guess this is a deer tick - not the kind that carries Lyme disease. The kind that can carry Lyme disease are smaller, black, and crunchier. And it all came out, thankfully! I wanted Sam to show Laura what was in the baggie, but he won't even come near it. He thinks it's going to get him. He told Laura, "There was a bug in my hair. It was eating my head." It is pretty freaky! Wouldn't you know it, Will was already off to school by the time we discovered Sam's, so the minute Will gets home from school, he's going to receive a mom examination from head to toe. Kent Park is notorious for ticks. We should have checked the kids over when we got home yesterday. I'm surprised that it went undetected through bath time last night. Sneaky bugger.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all you mothers out there! Hope it was a relaxing day! We've had a fun weekend. We had Larry and Vicki (Damon's parents) over for dinner Saturday night. We had fun eating dinner outside on the deck, on our picnic table. The boys entertained us with their wagon rides down the little hills in our backyard. (See earlier post.) Today I received some homemade presents from Will. He made me a little book at school that made me feel very special. It's called, "I Love You." It has fill in the blank statements like, "Thanks for helping me...feel better when I am sick. I love it when you...care about me by making my favorite snack. You make me feel special when you...say good job to me." He also made me a card that has the little home-made-accordian-fold-pop-ups inside. I always used to make cards like that when I was little, so it's good to see that the art is alive and well! Damon got me an hour long maternity massage from a local spa! I'm looking forward to this so much! He knows how much my back and sciatic nerves have been killing me! Half the time I hobble around here like an old woman! After church we got some fried chicken and salads and headed out to Kent park for a picnic with my side of the family. Even Emily joined us via cell-phone! We brought some outdoor toys and the kids ran around and had fun. Then we came home and I took a nap. It was a relaxing day!

Washing the Dog

Lucy doesn't mind getting a bath. Sam loves to help. But is it a good idea to give a 3 year old the hose?!

Sam thought it was great fun to give Lucy a "bath" outside. He only got a little spray happy with the hose and squirted Damon instead of the dog only a few times.

Watch out, she's going to shake!

Playing in the puddles.

I told Sam that it was his turn to stand in the corner so we could give him a bath. He thought we were serious, and was ready to get sprayed! After this picture he even laid down, right in the water!

Wagon "Sledding"

For some reason, Sam tipped over almost everytime! It turns out it didn't really matter whether Will was pushing him or not! And it didn't deter him from doing it over and over again! He thought it was great fun! It was so funny - I never got tired of laughing everytime it happened. -Something about his little legs sticking straight up in the air!

Friday, May 11, 2007

On Will's Sick Day...

When Will was home sick, the second day was more of a play day. Here's some of what he did to entertain himself:

He played legos, and built a marble tower down the stairs. He watched movies and played video games. He didn't want to go back to school.

Here's what Sam did to entertain himself:

He played on the back porch, ate chocolate pudding, and threw marbles at his brother.

Here's what Lucy did to entertain herself:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Going to be a Long Day

...And I thought yesterday was long! Will woke in the night Monday night with a very painful earache. I took him to the doc yesterday and sure enough, he has an ear infection that's to the point of bulging. Hopefully his eardrum won't rupture. The doc even prescribed numbing drops - which we've never done before. He was in SO MUCH PAIN! He could hardly move, hardly talk, and couldn't tolerate any noise - which was bad news for Sam. He laid on the couch actually sleeping off and on - (unheard of!) all day long. He slept pretty well last night - getting up at 4:30 for more pain medicine and was up for the day at 6. (Maybe I can get him to take a nap today, although I'm not holding my breath.)
Today, however, is a different story. This kid is talking my ear off. Every 5 minutes I hear, "Mom..." He's actually following me around the house asking me questions: Can I do this, can I do that, will you play a game with me, can we do something fun, when's dad going to be home? Kid, I almost liked it better when you were near comatose! It's only 9:30, and oh, it's going to be a long day...and a long summer.

Thank you God, that Will is feeling so much better! It was scary to see him in so much pain and to feel helpless to do much about it. Thank you God for Will's energy and humor and personality that are back in full force!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fun Times

Here are some more pics from our time with Emily. She is flying back to Austin today at 3pm. Sunday we went bowling. The kids had fun and Sam got his ball stuck in the gutter almost every single time because it was going so slow! Monday we had dinner at the McCarragher's. The boys had fun playing outside and building a train track that went from the bedroom out into the living room. Jack was using his sword to take swipes at branches and bushes.

We had barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone spent time working on and admiring each other's blogs. I'm not naming any names, (because mine would be at the very top) but I highly recommend that anyone who has addictive personality traits steer clear from ever starting their own blog.

General silliness:

Sweet hands

Aunt Em with her nephews:


We were getting so silly taking all these pictures and Will ended up in the hallway having a time out for something or another for only like 5 minutes, but he must have felt he had missed out on the fun. When we got home in bed, he started crying that he missed Emily and didn't get to spend enough time with her, and everyone was having fun without him, while he had to sit in the hallway for an hour, etc etc. I told him he could call Emily any time he was missing her, which he took to mean right that minute, so he called her, talked to her a few minutes, told her he missed her and all was well, (on our end anyway.) I think we left Em in tears!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Even More Blog News

Not to be overlooked - my sister-in-law Shelly started a blog for their family news a few weeks back. So I figured out how to officially add the Cole Family to my links as well- check it out! They are in Waterloo -but only for a short while longer as they are making plans to move to Austin TX! Now we'll have double the reasons to make a visit down there!

Urgent Blog News

Hey, loyal blog readers (aka Carrie)! I've got some news that's going to rock your world - or maybe just make your day. I've got two new links on my blog because Laura and my mom each started their own blogs today - thanks to Em and her encouragement and tutelage. It was a bit touch-and-go, and Laura just about had a panic attack, (she claims she knows nothing about computers) but we talked her down. I keep telling her "if I can do it, you can do it!" So, do me a favor and link on over to their sites and leave them some comments welcoming them to the blog world. About 2 seconds after my mom posted her first entry, she was like, "But I don't have any comments." So I know they would be much appreciated! Patience, my child, patience! I'm home to pick up Will, put away groceries, while Sam sleeps in the van in the garage, and am headed back over to McCarragher's. So doesn't it just make sense that blogging about this and leaving the girls some comments on their new blogs is my top priority?! What?! I left the doors open - I can hear him if he wakes up!

I'm just so excited!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

This Little Light of Mine

Will and neighbor Alex like to put on shows for us. This is their grand finale. Notice how there's a slow introduction, and then it gets kind of peppy. I also like how Will gestures like, "take it Alex!" during the days of the week part. These guys crack me up!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Visit From Emmy

We've been enjoying the company of aunt Emily this week as she visits from Austin. She is plenty busy seeing friends and getting ready to sing tonight and tomorrow at Parkview's worship services, but we still manage to spend time with her everyday too! Last night we had a game night at our house and had pizzas. The night before I made lasagna. McCarragher's have still been dealing with some sickness - this past week it was Lily then Joe and Laura- so on lasagna night just the McCarragher boys joined us. Emily had "little somethings" for the kids, which were actually "Texas-sized somethings." They were Texas-sized pencils and Texas-sized jelly beans. The kids thought they were great!