Saturday, August 21, 2010


Second Day of School:

Chance of rain by the time school is getting out, so I washed the boys' spring jackets and put them in their backpacks. Will went to put his on after school at his locker, and a pair of underwear fell out of the sleeve. The boy next to him noticed and snickered. Will quickly stuffed it into his backpack, and being totally embarrassed proceeds to chew Sam out the minute he finds him, accusing him of stuffing dirty underwear into his jacket on purpose. He even twisted Sam's arm and made him cry while I watched from across the field. Sam came running to me and once the story was out, I immediately knew it was MY "fault." Why the little turd immediately thought that Sam was to blame, I do not know. So now I'm mad too. Mad that he treated his brother that way, mad that I didn't notice the underwear when I did the laundry, mad that he'd had an embarrassing experience. This was just the type of thing that would have scarred me for life at that age. Once I realized that Will is not me, thank goodness, and he does not appear to be scarred for life, I was able to find the humor. Ah, it's good for him. Keeps him humble.