Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuckered Out

Last week was Max's first full week of preschool but he stayed home last Monday because of stomach issues the day before. After 3 days of preschool (Tuesday - Thursday) this is how I found him Thursday afternoon. All zonked out on the landing! Not the most comfortable place in the world.

Did you notice the rather large bump in the back of his pants? Well let's just zoom in on that. Uh, yeah. We have yet to get that kid to poop in the potty. After a few days of waiting us out, he does this major load:
What? that grosses you out? sorry.

He's home again today, throwing up every little bit since 4:30 this morning. :-( I've decided I'm not getting a shower today. I've pretty much got to camp out here on the couch with him because he has no energy to move or make much noise. boo.


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I'm sure Jared will love that I'm sharing this story... When he was 3 he did the same sort of 'load-in-the-pants' deal to us. So when he loaded up & accidentally leaked poo on his tricycle seat I made him clean it up. He thought it was SO nasty that he never pooped his pants again. The end.