Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Times

Laura wanted me to get out all our old barbie things from when we were girls so that Lily could play with them. Turns out she wasn't all that interested.... but we were. Lots of little things:

Laura's prized possession was this barbie dog. And boy was I ever jealous:

One of Barbie's rocker friends - De-De? you can make her 'dance' by twisting her at the waist, which makes her arms move. Boy does that ever look cool when the fringe on her wristband gets to swaying:

Don't remember what this barbie was called, her cape can be worn around her neck or waist. Mom made the quilt and pillow.

Despite the horrific tragedies that have mangled these girls' limbs, they're still looking as beautiful as ever - another rocker, and suntan Barbie. oops, Barbie, you're showing a little too much suntan.

Rocker Ken still manages to look quite studly on barbie's horse. what would you think if you really came across someone looking like him?! I'm pretty sure Emily is to blame that his mullet is in a ponytail.

Ah, and then there's Michael Jackson. Always crashing Barbie's parties, forgetting to put any pants on. Some things never change....

wait. how did this get in there?! I've been looking all over for my Joey McIntire candy disc. At least us big girls had fun this afternoon. Reminiscing over barbies - there's nothing like it. Good times, good times.


Jen Essington said...

Oh my gosh...I am sitting here at 11pm with tears streaming down my face (laughing of course)! I lost it when I got to the pics of Ken and Michael. Too funny!

Your pile of Barbie stuff makes me want to come over and play. I think I had that same one with the cape. :)

Andrea said...

I was referred to this blog entry by Emily as we discussed how we each used to have MJ barbie dolls. I LOVE this post! It brought back so many fun memories! I am pretty sure I had all the same barbies, but sadly did not have one of the cool barbie dogs. :)

Thanks for the smiles!

emily said...

I'm still cracking up over the missing limbs picture. I actually didn't catch that the first time. Bad dog!!