Friday, June 15, 2007

VBS is Over!

Whew! What a busy week! We finished VBS this morning and both the boys were bummed for it to be over, they had so much fun. Yesterday I spent the morning prepping, cutting ribbons and cutting hundreds of 1 inch strips for an origami-type folding project that the older kids did today. They made them into bookmarks. Will's class made rocket bookmarks with ribbons for the fire.

Sam and Noah's grades made gadget belts, with 3 paper gadgets to decorate: a phone, binoculars, and a flashlight.

Jack's class made the complicated folded bookmark. After helping kids make them over and over I finally know how to do it myself! So I brought home the supplies to make one with Will. At the end of the morning they had a little closing program where they all sang some of the songs they'd worked on during the week. The kids didn't have to get up and perform per se, but they did have the younger ones come up to do one of their songs, because there weren't so many of them. I was so surprised to see Sam actually participating! Everytime I've seen him this week, he's just sat quietly and watched the music, like he's too overwhelmed to acually participate. It was really the first time I'd seen him do anything like this, and I almost started crying for a second! He's getting so big! (Will, of course, has no problem getting up and shaking his booty.)


Shelly said...

Jill, I still cry when the kids do 'big-kid' stuff. Dillon will be leaving for Florida this afternoon with the church youth group. I bought one of those kleenex travel packs so I could tuck it in my pocket. :( They grow so fast!

Shelly said...