Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Birthday Boy at the Birthday Party

Here's the moment at least one of you has been waiting for: a recap of Max's 1st birthday party.

I gave Max this present first to open because you could see right down inside the wrapping, (we ran out) and I thought it might help him get the idea of opening presents. Can you believe we bought this noisy toy and did this to ourselves?!

He started to get a little frustrated with the whole business and at one point was actually screaming and doing a tug of war with his brothers over toys, (being one is bringing out a new side I guess) but overall did pretty well.

Both Will and Sam had Tad dolls when they were little so it was about time Max did too. They loved theirs so much they wore the buttons out and we had to replace the dolls!

He got this zebra from Grandma and Grandpa Brown. It took some putting together so he didn't get to play with it 'til this morning, but he was content to play with it in the box!

Here's what he did this morning:

He LOVES the zebra. I walked into the living room this afternoon and he'd somehow figured out how to swing his leg over and get on all by himself!

Doing some good pointing with McC's gift:The pegs have these cute little faces on them:Here it is in action:

He tries to use it to stand up, but it just rolls away!

Jack was having a good time, I swear!:

From my mom and Don. The shapes are attached so you don't lose them - how cool is that?!:

Contemplating what it means to be the big oh-one:

He didn't know what to make of that cupcake at first. It took him a little while to warm up:

Good eats:

Saving his fork for later:

It was a fun day!! He kept himself (and Sam) entertained all day today with all his new stuff.


emily said...

YAY!!! Such a big boy!! Yeah, Jack really didn't look like he was having any fun at all!