Monday, May 14, 2007


Wetting and combing Sam's hair this morning I found this guy attached to Sam's head. We were on our way out the door to go to Sam's 6 month post op visit with the ENT doctor, and I didn't know if we even had any matches, so I got the tweezers and pulled him out. I was expecting there to be a larger barb thing where the tick attached itself, so I wondered if I'd gotten it all out, or if some of it was still in Sam's head. I stuck the tick, still alive, in a baggie and brought him along, just to see if the doctor knew. Plus I wasn't sure what kind of tick this was, and whether to be concerned about Lyme disease. I guess this is a deer tick - not the kind that carries Lyme disease. The kind that can carry Lyme disease are smaller, black, and crunchier. And it all came out, thankfully! I wanted Sam to show Laura what was in the baggie, but he won't even come near it. He thinks it's going to get him. He told Laura, "There was a bug in my hair. It was eating my head." It is pretty freaky! Wouldn't you know it, Will was already off to school by the time we discovered Sam's, so the minute Will gets home from school, he's going to receive a mom examination from head to toe. Kent Park is notorious for ticks. We should have checked the kids over when we got home yesterday. I'm surprised that it went undetected through bath time last night. Sneaky bugger.


carrie said...

That is soooo nasty! I bet Sam is totally freaked out. I would be too. I can't believe that you bagged it--way to go. ugggh!

Laura said...

You should have seen his little face when he told me it was eating his head!

emily said...

I feel like it's crawling on me. ewwww!

Gretchen said...

Me too!!
I feel itchy!
That thing is nasty.