Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Visit From Emmy

We've been enjoying the company of aunt Emily this week as she visits from Austin. She is plenty busy seeing friends and getting ready to sing tonight and tomorrow at Parkview's worship services, but we still manage to spend time with her everyday too! Last night we had a game night at our house and had pizzas. The night before I made lasagna. McCarragher's have still been dealing with some sickness - this past week it was Lily then Joe and Laura- so on lasagna night just the McCarragher boys joined us. Emily had "little somethings" for the kids, which were actually "Texas-sized somethings." They were Texas-sized pencils and Texas-sized jelly beans. The kids thought they were great!


emily said...

YAY!!! It's been great being home! It will be hard to leave on Tues. :(

carrie said...

Have a great last day, Em! I love those Texas sized jelly beans--cool!