Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Going to be a Long Day

...And I thought yesterday was long! Will woke in the night Monday night with a very painful earache. I took him to the doc yesterday and sure enough, he has an ear infection that's to the point of bulging. Hopefully his eardrum won't rupture. The doc even prescribed numbing drops - which we've never done before. He was in SO MUCH PAIN! He could hardly move, hardly talk, and couldn't tolerate any noise - which was bad news for Sam. He laid on the couch actually sleeping off and on - (unheard of!) all day long. He slept pretty well last night - getting up at 4:30 for more pain medicine and was up for the day at 6. (Maybe I can get him to take a nap today, although I'm not holding my breath.)
Today, however, is a different story. This kid is talking my ear off. Every 5 minutes I hear, "Mom..." He's actually following me around the house asking me questions: Can I do this, can I do that, will you play a game with me, can we do something fun, when's dad going to be home? Kid, I almost liked it better when you were near comatose! It's only 9:30, and oh, it's going to be a long day...and a long summer.

Thank you God, that Will is feeling so much better! It was scary to see him in so much pain and to feel helpless to do much about it. Thank you God for Will's energy and humor and personality that are back in full force!


carrie said...

Glad tohear the Will is feeling better. Love the new look!

Kathy said...

I am so glad Will is better too! It's hard to have them sick, it's hard to have them better ha!

I am so glad your Mom sent the links to your blogs :) great way to keep in touch.

Aunt Kathy

Laura said...

Poor Will, there's nothing worse than keeping your child home and by lunchtime you're saying to yourself,'why isn't this child in school.'