Monday, May 28, 2007

Baby News!

Well, we have some baby news! I went for my ultrasound on Friday, and we think we are having a boy! And it's perfect and healthy! Praise God! We all, even the boys, went through a bit of sadness thinking of the girl we'll never have in our family, but we're over it! God knows we do boys best! We got some awesome pictures. The first is a view of the baby's face - straight on. The forehead is on the left, chin on the right, and you can see two fist up by his face.

This is a profile of the baby's face - he's looking up and has a hand up there too.

We think this picture is funny: it's just of the baby's lips. I guess he had his mouth open, which is the dark circle you see. The rest of the baby's face is back in shadow.

Lower leg bones

Bottoms of precious feet!

Lower arm bones and handAlien child, done with the 4d imaging. This is the baby's face, looking straight on. His hand was up across his face, and the ultrasounder wasn't getting a very clear picture. The placenta is off to the right.

The most exciting bit of news we had was that my due date is now Sept 6, instead of Oct 6! Yeah, crazy. Back in early pregnancy, we had several ultrasounds done, and from that I had somehow gotten it in my brain that I was 15 weeks along. After an appointment they said, "Oh, no you're only 11 weeks." I was very disappointed because I'd been so sick, and was hoping I was further out from my first tri. At the time I remember thinking boy, how did I get so off? Come to find out, I don't think I made that up after all. I think someone must have told me the real weeks, and I latched on to that info, but my charts didn't get changed. So they were going by the old info all this time. So, now HOPEFULLY we're back on track. I'm 25 weeks. 6 months! I'm due beginning of Sept, which could really be August, if I get induced a week early like I did with Sam! I could have a new baby in my arms by late August, which doesn't seem nearly as far away as Oct! (Right when school has started!) Should I start panicking?! I suddenly get to be pregnant for one whole less month! Woo hoo!


emily said...

I love him already!!! SO precious!!! When's labor day weekend? I'm comin' back!

Connie said...

this baby is somebody very special, I know that for sure.

Laura said...

The boy 's got big feet. Not sure what I'm looking at on the 4D...looks like play-doh! I can't wait to kiss him and hold him.

Kathy said...


Gretchen said...

He's very nice...I agree Laura...I think he's got some hooves already!
But like I said...he's very nice.

carrie said...

HEY!! Take it easy on his feet. He can't help it, that's just how God made him. (both my kids had/have huge feet!)

I know he'll be real handsome and well loved! Can't wait to meet you little guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Well well congrats on that little boy. I am sure whether big feet or not he will be well loved. hehe. I would like to ad some tibit of news from our part of the woods. Sylvia is expecting due date is January 15th. I wish u the best and please do let us know when the little guy arrives u all are in our thoughts always.
Love Aunt Teresa